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As a character, Wesley Fitzgerald the character was okay, but when you really reflect on his time as a part of the series you really have to wonder what the point of him showing up was. Introduced in the middle of the third season, he appears in a handful of episodes and it seems like his main purpose in the show was to let Aria know about Maggie. That was information that could have come out any number of other ways, so it seemed like he had to be destined for another role.

However, his whole flirtation with Aria went nowhere and served no real purpose.

'Pretty Little Liars': Aria finds out Ezra was involved with Alison

In the PLL series finale, Aria was very upset to learn that she was incapable of having kids. Of course, Ezra was bound to have his own feelings about the situation since it clearly affects him too.

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That said, the way he reacts when he learns that Aria had already gotten three doctors' opinions to make sure the diagnosis was accurate was hard to swallow. He made the whole situation about himself by walking away from Aria in a hugely emotional moment. Just think about it: Anytime the Liars thought things were going well for them they were broadsided by some kind of drama.

It's proof-positive of just how careless they were in a lot of ways. Considering how crafty they could be at other times, it is hard to understand.

No matter what his motivations, it was interesting to see just how crafty he could be including setting up a lair, cameras, and employing spies. However, he then was shown to be about as goofy as possible while at the cabin with Aria. Needing a moment in his lair, Ezra hatches the elaborate plan to send Aria out for chickpeas even though they already have some.

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  5. That left us wondering, if Aria had looked in the cabinets and seen the chickpeas, what his backup plan was. The dramatic zoom on the chick peas didn't help things. Believed to have met her untimely demise for several episodes, Nicole eventually gets released but by then Ezra had gotten back together with Aria and they are planning to get married.

    Despite his new relationship status, it makes perfect sense that he would travel in hopes of being there when Nicole was freed, but then things went too far. Ezra spends days on end pretending to still be with Nicole at the behest of her parents.

    It's a questionable move from the first second. After all, A may have had an insane budget and evidently all the time in the world to work against the Liars, but if they all moved to different areas it would have been impossible to keep things going. Of course, anyone who has been around a teenager would tell you they would hate the idea of moving away from all of their friends and, in the case of Aria, her boyfriend, Ezra.

    However, if doing so meant that she no longer had to be in fear every moment of her life, it should have been an easy decision for every Montgomery family member. For years, the characters were offered plausible deniability by having something Ezra meet teenage Aria in a bar. I am a student at Rosewood High School and I have had a sexual relationship with my former teacher Ezra Fitz since I was a sophomore until now.

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    I have been too ashamed to come forward, but I have come to realize Mr. He needs to be charged with exploiting a teenager when he was in a position of power. However, that still means she was like 15 years old, right? He took advantage of hitting it off with Aria at the bar because he wanted to be a good reporter and follow a lead, but he has never lied about his feelings for her — he stopped the Alison book when they started seeing each other, then started it back up when they broke up.

    Now he has stopped again because he knows Alison is alive. Because Mona was way late for her date with Mike.

    'Pretty Little Liars': Aria finds out Ezra was involved with Alison – Screener

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