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Sri Lankans love to gossip so I hope that in time they will have other things to talk about. I even lived in a poor families house for about a year my in-laws at the time , living as a real Sri Lankan does. Fine, but for some that soon becomes prohibiting so then comes the reality. Depending on what kind of person you are this can last from months to years. The longer this phase lasts the more annoyed you can become and eventually everything about the country winds you up.

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Thankfully the final phase is acceptance — they are different to me. I am different to them. Inter-cultural relationships will remain challenging because of this. I still love the country and my new partner of one year and we have loads of fun. For us to survive it will need a lot of work from both of us. We both know that, so watch this space. It is truly magnificent for people on holiday, photographers, culture seekers, nature-lovers, surfers and beach bums.

My views expressed above are my own and merely based on my experiences of being here so long.

No pics needed — google and you will find what you need…better images than I could ever produce. Filed under Sri Lankan life.

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On a personal level, a country is its people. Your impressions and experiences can vary widely, depending on who you know and meet. In terms of culture, while there are certain broad norms that may be applicable across a wide range of social groups, there will be many differences as well, in some cases surprisingly wide. In other words, do not despair, there is no one culture that is Sri Lankan-the Southerners are different from the Kandyans, the urban city dweller differs from the rural and so on. Marriage wthin castes is also largely favourable.

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If you want more ideas let me know more about what you are planing. I do things like these all the time for my husband. Enjoy and be your self! If you wish to are more desirable for a lady you'll need that guide https: Regardless old, looks or how new you're around women. Seduce Girls Now http: I am Sirlankan male living in US for the last 15 years am not fresh off the boat lol. Normally its a good sign if he tells his Family not friends about u. Keep it like that Please keep your self-respect. Asian culture is very different from Western culture!! It's a culture where it's seen as acceptable to give advice on a person's personal life, and expect that advice to be followed.

But what it means in reality is that for a person to do what they really want if it is outside of the norms , they often have to keep it a secret from everyone not just in love, but in careers, hobbies too. I would say that your guy is probably protecting your relationship from all the interfering and from his family and friends destroying his peace of mind and yours, and destroying the happiness he has found with you.

I would have given anything to have just kept it a secret forever!! And I am saying this after 16 years of marriage! If you are happy with him then just be happy for the moment. Hi SGMar Thanks for your lovely reply. Yes it does help me alot, help me understand more.

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Before I address your message, may i ask first, are you or your husband Sri Lankan? Trying to get which way round your situation is lol: I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you and yor husband are still married, despite all the problems from family. I agree my man is protecting us from the "interference", also I feel he may be totally shunned, and his whole infastructure and life ruined if anyone found out. And yes, he shows extreme love, care and affection to me, without saying "I love you", I think now it better that way, coz at least you know it real love, not just words.

I will keep it secret, as he will, I think my own family may have issues with our relationship if they knew, so I won't tell them either. He is my soulmate, and we will be that forever, no matter what happens. Please feel free to talk more with me: Hi there Actually I had the opposite of the issue you are having. I now live in Australia and have been for last 18 years and also I have been happily married to a white Australian girl since Now 14 years and blessed with a beautiful 6 year old daughter.

I am Sri Lankan born and bread until I went overseas to Australia at the age of 24 for university studies. I Met my wife when I was at Uni and I have been in a relationship with her since With my traditional family in Sri Lanka I was open about the relationship from the beginning. Let me also add before I left for uni studies to Australia I have had a arrange marriage situation and I was expected to come back home too marry this silencing lady.

But my lovely wife I got to gather when I was in last year of my studies. I was very assertive and may I add was some what aggressive towards sri Lankan community with regard to how my wife should be accepted. Soon the reputation spread and my lovely wife was treated better than I get treated. My mother has been a traditional woman all her life and her relationship to my father has been rocky at best.

She had a arrange marriage. With that answer she accepted Louise both hands and both of them are best these days. Both ladies engage in extended shopping trips in AUS and also SL these days ignore my phone calls while shopping and let me worry about them while they are away. My advise is go with the flow, your man is likely protecting you while he is thinking way around the crap and may be devising a plan like I did.

Hope he get his elements right before you loose each other. Either of you can talk to both of us wickremasena bigpond. I am a white Australian married to a Sri Lankan man also pregnant now and I agree with some of the other posters here that keeping it quiet until it's more secure is a good idea. My husband has lived in Aus for a couple of decades and he still found it hard to tell his mum about me. I could NOT understand at the time why it was such a big deal, but boy do I ever now! It's not so bad as his family live in a different state, but I totally concur with the notion that it's okay to dish out advice in Sri Lankan culture and that it will be automatically followed.

As I read that post a lot of things became clear to me! Father in law is lovely but Mum very I would keep it quiet until you both feel it's definitely going to be long term. I recently broke up with my Sri Lankan boyfriend who came here to study for the last couple of years. His mother is traditional also, I'm starting to think the mothers are the ones who are least flexible about other cultures dating their sons. His father is fairly supportive. Yes it is absolutely their culture. My boyfriend has never once told me he loves me but he does show me everyday through his actions.

I figured the reason for this is he told me about the buddhist culture and not having attachments as it creates suffering in which he didn't want me to feel pain of something ever happened to him or us. I wanted to move over there but he said it's pretty extreme and doesn't think I could survive in that environment as I wouldn't be able to do the things I can in Australia in Sri Lanka. I would suggest you take a holiday to Sri Lanka to get a feel for the culture and what you are up against in terms of a commitment, it could make it less overwhelming all the best.

Hi I'm a newbie here and I'm interested too knowing more about relationship with a Sri Lankan. I met my Sri Lankan boyfriend here in Japan. We both love each other but something's bothering me about "who knows" in his family about our relationship. One of his brother knows about us and he agrees with us. My problem is about his mom because one time,I learned that his mom wants him to go back now to Sri Lanka for him to be introduced to a woman to marry.

But my boyfriend told me "I can't just do what I was told by my mom"! But still bothering me why he can't just tell his mom directly I would be glad to hear from anyone regarding this matter or would love to hear relative stories like us to learn more I have a weird and twisted relationship with a very beautiful, kind hearted Sri Lanakn Tamil and I am still madly in love with him.

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I met him when i was doing my clincals in a hospital emergency department and he was a doctor here. We bumped into eachother a few times and always smiled at each tother, I caught him watching me and I was always staring at him as well. We had instant chemistry that I had never experienced before. He always laughed and joked with me, and everything felt so comfortable. We never exchanged details all I really knew was his name and that he was moving from Sydney to the country. I finised my prac and went straight home to add him on facebook. He was so shocked that I remember his name but thrilled at the same time.

We messaged constantly for months and months and talked on the phone. He told me everything about his life, his family, his religion and he told me from the beginning he was single but was being arranged for marriage and we could only be friends. We met up and had a magical few days together, I fell madly in love with him.