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For celebrities, the preferred house wedding venue is The Raum, and the top hotel is the Shilla Hotel. You might think those fancy pictures are limited to the world of actors, singers, and models, but absolutely not! Most Korean couples getting married will book a photography session with a studio that offers picture-perfect backdrops such as vintage-looking European cafes or flower gardens.

For the cost of buying one dress, a bride can instead rent three to five dresses, to be worn between the engagement photos and the wedding day. Also included in the package are makeup and hair sessions. And yes, the makeup and hair is for both the bride and groom. The Korean tradition is that both sets of parents who are probably sharing the wedding costs will invite everyone they know, regardless of whether the bride and groom have any idea who they are!

Some of the younger generation are beginning to break away from tradition in favor of more intimate ceremonies, which they may pay for themselves.

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Still, if the couple requests an RSVP, do the right thing and give it to them! The amount depends upon your relationship to the bride or groom, and perhaps your age as well.

The best way to gauge is to ask around discreetly to see what your peers are giving the couple to be. Try to find the cleanest, crispest bills you can find.

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It is difficult to write about gift-giving customs because Korea has experienced a lot of cultural changes over the past forty years, and the customs that were once deeply entrenched may no longer be practiced as widely as before. For example, Korean tradition dictates that the family of the groom buys a house for the newlyweds, while the family of the bride buys the furniture and household items, as well as gifts for the parents of the groom. This custom can be seen in the context of people living with their parents well into adulthood, and parents living with their children as they grow older in age.

However, these days, many young people prefer to live on their own once they find a job, and many parents do not necessarily wish to shoulder the burden of buying an entire house for their children. So while this tradition is still practiced today, it is nowhere near as widespread as it used to be.

However, the families of the bride and groom may still exchange smaller gifts, such as luxury watches, jewelry, handbags, suits, and hanbok. This is again dependent upon the preferences of the two families, and ideally both parties will reach an agreement regarding their expectations in this matter.

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The bride and groom will travel to the wedding venue together. Above all, weddings in Korea are short and sweet. Therefore, the ceremony will take no longer than a half-hour. A meal will be served immediately after the ceremony. On whole, you can expect to leave the wedding within two hours after arrival. With the possible exception of some very upscale weddings, there will be no dancing, no speeches, and no DJs or live bands.

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Guests are expected to eat their meals, greet the happy couple, and leave. After the wedding is a short Korean ceremony called pyebaek , which is for family members only. The bride and groom will wear special wedding hanbok and will bow to their parents who are seated behind a low table stocked with traditional and symbolic wedding foods such as chestnuts, jujubes, and dried persimmons.

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15 South Korean Dating Culture – Traditions and Customs

Thanks for this post, as I have a long distance relationship with a Korean man. And it has become quite serious, we both have talked about marriage. So now we have been researching how to do the whole marriage thing. I am an older woman, and he is older man as well so some of these issues will not be something we will be dealing with the general help is most appreciated.

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