Ball canning jar dating

I understand the word was purposely indented. Thank you in advance for any information.

How to Date a Ball Jar

Hi, I have 2 pale blue jars. The only info I found was a comment from someone that said he thinks they were made between and Thanks for all your work on answering others questions. That jar factory was purchased by Ball Bros Glass Company in and closed down in That jar is listed as I recently found some mason jars in an old barn and after cleaning them up they have no markings on bottom but a number 2 under perfect mason and one had number 3. These are larger size mason jars.

There are thousands of different jars known and I do not have info on every one. Please send pics to my email address noted on bottom right of any page on this site and I will see if I can be of any help. Thanks for your patience. I have a half gallon Ball Perfect Mason on front and 2 on bottom. Would it be rare or valeuable?

Renee, your average quart and half gallon Ball Perfect Masons in the most common aqua or Ball Blue colors are typically valued at around 1 to 2 dollars each. The older types of BPM that date from the ss in aqua or blue were made in the hundreds of millions over many years, so they are considered extremely common.

Old Ball Mason Jar

They are found with various mold numbers on the bottom. I have a blue ball jar without a number on the bottom. Would you happen to know what that means?

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Liz, all Ball jars are not necessarily marked with mold numbers. Hi Medolark, Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I will edit my text shortly to help reduce confusion on the exact wording on those later colored jars. I have a bottle with the ball logo on the bottom along with a large 4. Can you tell me anything about it? Keegan, Ball Brothers Glass Company made a wide variety of containers besides their better-known fruit jars. Often there is a cursive BALL logo on the bottom. Ball made liquor bottles, food bottles and lots of containers for other products as well. Hi I have a Ball jar that dates between based on the Ball logo.

It has its lid, wire closer and rubber gasket. Is it some sort of store display? Perhaps a reader can give us some feedback on it! I have a Ball perfect mason jar with the 13 on the side. Is it a rare jar? I also have a quart size Ball Perfect Mason, square, with 13F on the side and bottom.

What does this mean… It also has an I on the bottom across from the 13F on the bottom. Can anyone tell me about this style jar? Are there reproduction Ball porcelain lids? I found some lids at an antique store in mint condition.

Definitely had the porcelain liners. I have picked a masons jar patent Nov. These new jars are being imported from China, India and other countries in Asia. They have A13 on the bottom. I have a jar I believe to be half gallon size. It is very faint blue. The front is marked Root Mason.

The bottom only has the letter A. The glass has some air bubbles in it, but otherwise is in excellent co dition.

Could Your Old Mason Jars Be Valuable? Check For These Tell-Tale Signs

The shape of the jar is nothing like the shape of the Ball jars. Can you provide me with a little history on this jar?

Hello, I found a box of old Ball jars and two of them have the B18 and the other has 18 but on the bottom says A18 and the one has B18 on bottom. My question is that a mis print? I found a green Ball perfect Mason pint jar. I have purchased hundreds of the old blue jars. This one is different because the word BALL is in print not cursive. It also has a extra line around the top of the jar. There are many minor variants of Ball jars, sometimes found in various shades of true green not aqua. You might try posting a query on the antique-bottles.

Hello, I have a jar where the Ball logo dates it between To sum this up, there are still a lot of uncertainties involving the many BALL fruit jar varieties to be found, and I am certainly not an expert on those jars!! Hello, I recently inherited an aqua glass jar with the Mason patent There are no other markings anywhere. The glass has an extreme rippled look to it.

I can find nothing about it. All websites talk about number embossing to determine batch or manufacturer location. Since there are no numbers or any other kind of embossing I was hoping you might help me determine the age. I have no intention of selling and have no interest in the value. Can you help me? My brother has ball jars that are hand blown. There are tiny bubbles in the glass..

Jeremiah, most jars bearing the BALL brand name are not handblown — they are machine-made either on semi-automatic machines — from the s — or fully-automatic, early s. Hope this helps, David. This is seen occasionally on the base of some Ball Perfect Mason jars. Ive been searching the internet to find information on reproductions.

I read these should be from around s era?

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  • Ball Perfect Mason antique fruit Jars - Information.

How do i know if they are repros? I described them in the text on this page. They are so far made of light cornflower blue glass, amethyst and true green.

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Usually in aqua, Ball blue, or clear glass. To look for signs of originality, look CAREFULLY under a bright light for tiny scratches in the sides, base wear network of high point scratches and scuffs on the bottom which is noticeable on almost all older jars that were used over a long period of time. They can be found in large quantities in almost any antique store or flea market especially throughout the Midwest and Eastern states. I am sure your jars are not reproductions.

Sounds like the type made circa Please check out this chart showing logo changes, courtesy of the Minnetrista website: I have a collection of porcelain liners,and I would like to know what was embossed on the porcelain liners for ball mason jar lids,so i know what they are like the next time i go to a dump. Others are blank no lettering of any kind.

There are probably other variations out there. They should be the most commonly found type of porcelain liner. If you have access to a local flea market or antique mall that stocks Ball jars with lids most have at least a few!

Could Your Old Mason Jars Be Valuable? Check For These Tell-Tale Signs

I recently cleaned out my great grandmothers home and found a large almost the size of a 2 liter jar. The word standard also is written at angle. There is a 2 on the bottom but there is no Ball or any other writing.. Any details would be greatly appreciated! You have the half-gallon size. Hello David, I recently found a triple L, light green Ball jar.

Debra, All I can tell you is the general type was made throughout the c. The markings on the base identified that particular mold. There are no other numbers on it. The emblem is like no others that I can find.