I dont want to hook up anymore

If a girl appears to be more interested and available after the termination of a hookup or fade-out its because suddenly you are her biggest critic and therefore the person she has to impress the most. She seems a little different then usual? This is biased towards the beginning. When dudes set a bar for what girls they would bang…Naturally they keep that bar consistent from response of the women.

The purpose was to explain what goes through a females head once a guy decides they no longer want to continue a generally strictly sexual relationship with them. For Boston inquiries please reach out to: So if you no longer want the c onsistent sex, I either…. When you start hooking up with someone else… We automatically start an inner rivalry with them. Something has to be. If we like them a lot, we hate that we like them, and therefore want everyone else to hate them too.

There is nothing more powerful than two women uniting together to analyze all of your repetitive wrong doings. No girl wants to be considered a slut, but no girl wants to experience a dry spell. People only use twitter from their phones!!! Even when I was single, I didn't like it. I'd do it from time to time but I never really liked myself when I was that guy. Because I'd rather have an emotional connection with a woman and then get my dick wet.

Not just get my dick wet. And when you meet someone that you do love and care about and want to be "special", how do you convince yourself much less her that she is actually in a different category from the other women whose names you can't remember that you've done the exact same things with? Because if you realize it is more than just sex you've already established she is different from the others.

Sure, but you can have both. Physical intimacy to pair with emotional intimacy. That's how I see it. It doesn't seem cost effective. I would have to revamp my entire wardrobe and shit like that, spend an ungodly amount of time at places that play shitty music and serve incredibly overpriced drinks.

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To top it off, I most likely won't even get laid. Prostitutes would be pretty cost effective, it seems. Basically the cheapest way for the vast majority of guys. My roommate actually did that and ended up dating the hoe Not his best moment. Though he does still have 3 other women he's also casually dating, so there is that. Mathematically, dating is not profitable for the vast majority of guys. However, you can't quantify the value of an emotional connection. Because sex is probably the last thing I want from a relationship, that and i'm way too ugly to get any action.

Well, for starters I'd vastly prefer to be in a stable, longterm relationship where I was having more sex than whatever I could pull if I went out every Friday or Saturday night or even both with the intention of getting laid by some rando or even if I was making arrangements through Tinder and actually getting good results.

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Plus, I find relationship sex more satisfying anyway, though I certainly won't say no to a beautiful woman throwing herself at me. It just seems so incredibly empty.

I have no desire to fuck some body, I might as well get a sex doll if that's what I want. I want that extra connection, the chemistry, trust and experience that comes from being with the same person. The emotional and physical need to be with each other. I'm not a fan of partying, hooking up or all that stuff all my co-workers and a few friends do at my age All I really want to do is just hang back and relax with a few friends. To me, I just kind of want to find someone I care about and settle down with them eventually. A lot of my female friends have told me I'm probably going to have to wait a few years or find a girl that's similar in thought which I'm okay with.

Maybe it's just the area I'm in, but most of my acquaintances usually go out and party or host kick-backs. Tried it, not my thing, so I just chill out. I used to be pretty self-conscious about it, but somewhere down the line I just got a, "Fuck it, you do you and let everyone do what they do" attitude. Its made me a better dude and I like myself a lot more now. I seek an emotional connection w any woman I'm intimate with. And I dont treat women like prostitutes and will not consort w hoers.

I dont engage in casual sex often, but Ive had a casual-ish sexual thing for a month or so. I dont know how consenting adults agreeing that sex is fun and nothing more for that particular relationship makes a woman a prostitute. Ive sure never felt like one.

Not OP, but since he didn't bother to explain Casual sex is similar to prostitution because it degrades the human person by turning sex into a commodity. Treating each other's bodies as objects to satiate physical urges is undignified a la prostitution. That is possibly the most narrow minding way to viewing casual sex.

Youre implying that the woman is just open to anyone who comes along and the men requesting sex are just desparate guys who cant get any other than this "loose woman". Seriously, think about what you said. Ive had sex with one person in the last year, and it was a casual thing for one month. Both agreed to it. If that makes me a prostitute in someones eyes then they can fuck right off.

Wow, thats a healthy way of looking at sex. I guess I treat the cashiers body as an object and degrade her because I use her to buy water to satiate my filthy immoral physical urge for water. I have a FWB.

Femin-insight: If you no longer want to hookup….

I like him, we are actual friends. I also enjoy sex. I am not ready for a relationship.

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I feel comfortable with him, we are honest with each other, and want the same. That does not make me a hoe. I can't just have a ONS randomly, but I can sleep with someone I enjoy without wanting to mesh our lives together. I'm 34 and have 4 kids, recently divorced after a decade with a man I still love. Anyway, just hate the hoe word thrown at women, often anytime a woman has non-monogamous sex. Hell it's , aren't we passed that yet? Ive had casual flings with some girls. But I miss just hanging out with someone who actually cares about you.

Share the same interests. Watch hours of tv together.

Help build computers and play sim city all night together. It's just not the same. I've taken a break from dating. You think I chose this life?


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If I could hook up with girls I would but you gotta be pretty good looking to I'd that. Most guys like to talk big talk but in reality you meet very few whose romantic lives consistent of strings of casual sex. I don't like it because I really need to feel an emotional connection to the person I'm having sex with. Like the girl I hooked up with was nice and the act was really good, but it wasn't enjoyable for me. It was more like just getting a chore done. I really like waking up next to the person and cuddling and talking.

Sometimes it feels like I'm in the minority, but it's just the way I function. I want a relationship. I'm looking for someone to be my wife one day and the mother to my children.