Dating guys with cats

Cats are seen as less social, more independent, and requiring less care.

2. Cats can compensate for men’s lousy cuddling.

Dogs are seen as more social and requiring more attention and care. Therefore, they hypothesized that taking care of a dog is a stronger indicator that a person is nurturing, responsible, and caring.

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These are traits in men that are seen as attractive to women. These included questions like: The respondents ranged in age from their 20s all the way up to their 50s and beyond. Women were more likely to be attracted to Pet owners. Women were less likely to date a man who: Cat owners are less likely to: See pets as relevant in dating. Use their pet to obtain a date. Judge a date on how they treated the cat.

The Pros and Cons of Dating While Owning a Cat

Judge a person for having a pet in their dating profile. Let me start by saying, Brian, you sound like an incredibly kind and thoughtful guy.

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  • Men Who Own Cats Are Better Lovers?
  • 1. You won’t go out every night..
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I respect you and your honesty. But I must unburden myself.

Dogs and Cats in Dating Preferences | Role of Pets in Dating

My friends seem to find my dislike of cats humorous. They joke that I will end up marrying a man with tons of cats and proudly scoop litter for all eternity. Let the record stand: That will never happen.

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The reasons why I am thoroughly incompatible with male cat owners …. I grew up with a dog and I loved her fiercely. Her name was Mandy, and she was a fluffy, white Bischon Frise. She was my best and at times only friend.

Single men are adopting cats to try to get more dates

I made up a song for her whenever I would give her treats. You want a yuuummmy yummmmyyy? If we ever meet, I will sing it for you.

Mandy and I only got into one fight in our years together. My parents got me a stuffed animal, it was a dog, and Mandy was jealous. She usually slept with me and when she spotted the stuffed animal, she went into a jealous fit, refusing to make eye contact with me, refusing to lick my hand. I literally had to throw the stuffed animal in the garbage can before Mandy would acknowledge me again. But I am getting off track here.

My dad decided to have her put down when I was a freshman in college. I never got to say goodbye.

I am what you would traditionally consider a dog person. I have dated a few guys with dogs.

1. You won’t go out every night.

Sometimes I like their dogs, and sometimes I only pretend to like them. I only like dogs who meet the following criteria: I prefer small to medium dogs with a high fluff to face ratio, but not those toy dogs or ones that look like mini ponies.

Love Sujeiry

The only thing that overrides my canine preferences is if I feel like I have a spiritual connection to a dog. I am averse to having pet hair of any kind on my clothing. Ditto for the smell of litter.